Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mama's Mini-Me

I got my haircut before my job interview yesterday so Lochie and I posed for some "myspace profile" type pics (i.e. taken yourself holding the camera at arms length so you can't see your body in the shot! Haha). Mostly to document my haircut since I really liked the colour Britney did this time and wanted a pic. The time before she made it a bit too dark. Then again it was still Winter then. Now I have Spring foils! I love how much I reckon Lochie is looking like me these days! I only hope his nose doesn't keep growing like mine seems to be since I'm getting older now! I am getting more and more afraid I am developing a Dean family schnoz! The picture of the Doodle-pro is a drawing Lochie was really proud of. He is doing a LOT of spider pictures lately. This one is "Spider smiling, wearing a hat". Up on our fridge right now is also "Spider in his web angry growling", "Spider in his web eating a popsicle". Not sure why spiders are his "thing" right now - we haven't read a particular book or watched any movies with spiders - just a whim I suppose. It's pretty enjoyable to listen to him describing his art projects as there is usually an elaborate story involved. Lochie is a great source of entertainment for us!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Micallef on Youtube

I was so thrilled to find so many clips from a show David & I loved to watch in Australia called Micallef/The Shaun Micallef Program. David and I have enjoyed watching this show and also other Aussie comedies such as Thank God You're Here, Kath & Kim, The Panel, and old The Late Show (D-Gen) clips.
The following clip is a parody of an old Aussie TV show version of a BBC programme called "Hypotheticals" where a panel of celebrities and also other people - doctors, policemen etc were taken through a storyline by the host and hypothetical questions challenging the panel's ethics & morals were posed. I like this clip and thought I'd share it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hilarious "Bulgarian Idol" clip

This lady is singing that song Mariah Carey made a hit: "Ken Lee"...
(I saw this on a blog I enjoy called By Ken Levine...)