Tuesday, August 12, 2008

4 year old viewpoint

Lachlan and I were practicing counting today by using a cute computer game of math activities. The game called for him to use the mouse and "drag & drop" a certain number of fruit/vegetables into an Elf's picnic basket that the elf asked for.

The elf asked for 6 strawberries, 0 (zero) mushrooms and two pears. Lachlan loves this game and straight away counted out six strawberries into the elf's basket. He then counted out the pears - but instead of clicking the basket closed so the elf could "check" the order and reward points, Lochie started trying to place mushrooms into the basket.

I reminded him that the elf requested zero mushrooms, but still he tried hard to click and drag the mushrooms over onto the basket and each time the game rejected this because it was incorrect. Lochie became so determined and frustrated and kept trying to add the unwanted mushrooms to the basket that finally I said "Honey, the elf doesn't want any mushrooms - just 6 strawberries and 2 pears. Stop trying to put mushrooms in his basket".

He replied with consternation "But Mum, I HAVE to put mushrooms in the basket - the elf HAS to eat his vegetables if he wants to eat the strawberries for dessert!".

I got a good chuckle as he was so serious about it. Obviously we've impressed upon him the need to eat his veges before treats!

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Keri Hibbard said...

What a good boy you have! Hope to see you Thursday